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061: What is Fusion Dancing?

  • last month /

In the episode, my special guest Vanessa Yxcea Corpuz, and I discuss what is fusion dancing, what is the culture, negative stereotypes, our TexFX experience, and future goals for the fusion scene.  Intro

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060: Is Kizomba A Bad Addiction or Healthy Nourishment? With Anna Andersson

  • a couple of months ago /

In this episode, I join Anna Anderson, to talk about the addictive and nourishing qualities of dancing kizomba.  Intro Song: 3 Key Points: Oxytocin is something that we are exposed to as

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059: Interview with Manuel Kanza

  • a few months ago /

In this episode, we interview Manuel Kanza of Inspiradanza. We hear about his story of becoming a professional afro house dancer and instructor. Intro Song: See Manuel Kanza in Action! 3

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058: Interview with Mode Zero

  • 8 months ago /

In this episode I interview one of the most popular taxi dance teams in Europe, Mode Zero! Intro Song: Children of Kizomba by DJ Bodysoul Key Points: Always continue to take classes. Be a well

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057: Interview with Saber & Madjouline

  • last year /

In this episode I interview Saber & Madjouline about their kizomba journey, how they met, and their views on semba to urban kiz! Intro Song: Doceur Agitee by DJ Snakes Key Points: Always

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001: The Beginning Of My Dance Journey

  • last year /

  In this episode, I share my story of how I first got started into dance into how I transitioned into a full-time traveling danceprenuer and how dance has changed my life forever for the better. Intro

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