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My Zouk Immersion Experience at the Canada Zouk Congress 2019

Strong presence of Brazilian culture in tandem with openness to other cultures and dance stylesMusicDJs playing Brazilian and ghetto zouk classics but also playing top 40 original tracks as well as remixesDancers

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#Eurokiztrip2017 Recaps

  • a couple of years ago
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Euro Kizomba Trip Day 1 Recap I will journal and share my journey here on FB for my own benefit to look back and see this a year from now on FB, and hopefully sharing my journey will inspire some of you

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A Glance At 5 Exceptional Talents Of A World Class Uber Dancer

Being a full time kizomba instructor has been a rewarding experience for me. It has allowed me to meet beautiful people from all over the world who also share a passion for dance. It has given me the

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4 Hurdles I Encountered When I Started To Learn Kizomba And How I Overcame Them

  1) Lack of Body Awareness/Control When I first started dancing kizomba I struggled a lot with being aware of what my body was doing. Since Kizomba is danced mostly in a close embrace it was difficult

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Kizomba, It’s Not On 1 Or On 2, It’s On You!

Apparently there seems to be a lot of confusion on what “the counts” are with Kizomba by those who haven’t, and even those who have, begun to learn Kizomba. This confusion is even

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Fear of Criticism on the Dance Floor

I heard this so many times that I have decided to write about it. I talked to so many people that really love to dance but feel just because they aren’t the best dancer on the floor, they don’t get

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