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063: What is Brazilian Zouk? with Laura Riva

  • 4 weeks ago

In this episode, my returning guest Laura Riva, joins me to help breakdown an intro of Brazilian zouk, lambada, Brazilian zouk timing, Brazilian zouk styles, history, Caribbean zouk, jack & jills,

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062: Interview with Samy Vez & Shawndel Fraser

  • last month

In this episode, we interview Samy Vez & Shawndel Frazer from Dallas, TX as they share their story of how Samy lives has taken a drastic turn and how the dance community has supported him so far. Intro

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061: What is Fusion Dancing?

  • a few months ago

In the episode, my special guest Vanessa Yxcea Corpuz, and I discuss what is fusion dancing, what is the culture, negative stereotypes, our TexFX experience, and future goals for the fusion scene.  Intro

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060: Is Kizomba A Bad Addiction or Healthy Nourishment? With Anna Andersson

  • 7 months ago

In this episode, I join Anna Anderson, to talk about the addictive and nourishing qualities of dancing kizomba.  Intro Song: 3 Key Points: Oxytocin is something that we are exposed to as

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059: Interview with Manuel Kanza

  • 7 months ago

In this episode, we interview Manuel Kanza of Inspiradanza. We hear about his story of becoming a professional afro house dancer and instructor. Intro Song: See Manuel Kanza in Action! 3

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058: Interview with Mode Zero

  • last year

In this episode I interview one of the most popular taxi dance teams in Europe, Mode Zero! Intro Song: Children of Kizomba by DJ Bodysoul Key Points: Always continue to take classes. Be a well

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