Neo Kizomba

My Zouk Immersion Experience at the Canada Zouk Congress 2019

  • Strong presence of Brazilian culture in tandem with openness to other cultures and dance styles
    • Music
      • DJs playing Brazilian and ghetto zouk classics but also playing top 40 original tracks as well as remixes
      • Dancers accustomed to dancing to a wide variety of zouk and non-zouk songs
    • Cross Training
      • Ballet
      • Contemporary
  • Jack & Jills
    • Strong presence of novice dancers “competing” but also seeking feedback to allow for a more realistic assessment of their dance skill
  • Level of Technique in Instruction
    • A good shared based of names of basic steps and moves
    • Presence of Several Pedagogies
    • Respect of Lineage of Instructors
    • Respect of multiple different styles of Brazilian
  • Caliber of Performances
    • Great showcases from the top artists that can hold their weight on an international dance stage
    • Using zouk as a medium to tell a variety of artistic stories

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