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022: Interview with Nemanja Sonero

  In this episode, my special guest Nemanja Sonero and I discuss how he got started into dance and kizomba, his thoughts on the importance of the basic steps, his views on the culture of kizomba,

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017: Interview with Albir Rojas

  In this episode with Albir Rojas, we discuss how he first started dancing, how he got hooked kizomba, his thoughts on dance partnerships and more! Intro Song: Kaysha – I Like It  3

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016: Interview with Sophie Fox

  In this episode with Sophie Fox, an international kizomba instructor alongside Tony Pirata! We discuss her dance history, culture, and challenges in life. Intro Song: Rei Helder Ft Yuri Da Cunha

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010: Interview with Allen Pires aka DJ Lefty

  In this episode with my special guest, Allen Pires aka DJ Lefty takes through his journey of learning to DJ, his Cape Verdean culture, and his hip hop career. Intro Song: Back to Sleep (LJ’s

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009: Interview with Kwenda Lima

  In this episode with my special guest, Kwenda Lima walks us through is early inspirations of dance, his Cape Verdean culture, and inspirations of art in the world of dance. Intro Song: Achtiana

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