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031: Interview with Anais Millon

  • 6 months ago /

In this episode, my special guest, Anais Millon talk about her history of dance, her introduction to kizomba, the inequality of male and female instructors, and more!  Intro Song: Ha Quem Quera Remix

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030: What Is A “Real” Dance?

  • 7 months ago /

In this episode, my special guest, Laura Riva talk about what makes a dance a legitimate style versus a new dance, dance traditions, culture and more!  Intro Song: Tarada – DJ Nice Life Key

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029: How To Self-Assess Your Skill Level In Dance

In this episode, my special guest, Rachel Cassandra talk about various ways is mis-assess our skill levels and also some suggestions on some ways to properly assess your true skill level! Intro Song: We

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