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041: The Shift Of Gender Roles In Today’s Dance Scene

In this episode, my special guest Caitlin Ferguson and I discuss a little of the history of gender roles here in the U.S. and also the current state and trends of gender roles in today’s dance scene. Intro

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032: Interview with Elyse Inzinga

In this episode, my special guest, Elyse Inzinga talk about her history of kizomba, her introduction to kizomba, the struggles of learning how to lead and follow at the same time, and teach other men how

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033: Interview with Aurita Maldonado aka “Hurricane Rita”

In this episode, my special guest, Aurita Maldonado aka “Hurricane Rita”, talk about her story of running and dance, overcoming being paralyzed from the waist down, and self-forgiveness. Intro

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