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001: The Beginning Of My Dance Journey

  In this episode, I share my story of how I first got started into dance into how I transitioned into a full-time traveling danceprenuer and how dance has changed my life forever for the better. Intro

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035: How to Dig Deeper Into Self-Awareness In Your Dancing

  In this episode, I start the conversation on self-awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence in dance. I share some personal stories of emotional growth as a pose several questions for you

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034: 2016 In Review

  In this episode, I reflect on the highlights and lessons learned in 2016 with the life of a danceprenuer from my traveling schedule, podcast, Neo Kizomba Festival, and more. Intro Song: 3D by Twenty

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032: Interview with Elyse Inzinga

In this episode, my special guest, Elyse Inzinga talk about her history of kizomba, her introduction to kizomba, the struggles of learning how to lead and follow at the same time, and teach other men how

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033: Interview with Aurita Maldonado aka “Hurricane Rita”

In this episode, my special guest, Aurita Maldonado aka “Hurricane Rita”, talk about her story of running and dance, overcoming being paralyzed from the waist down, and self-forgiveness. Intro

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031: Interview with Anais Millon

In this episode, my special guest, Anais Millon talk about her history of dance, her introduction to kizomba, the inequality of male and female instructors, and more!  Intro Song: Ha Quem Quera Remix

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