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Dancepreneur Vlog 001

  • 10 months ago /

💥DANCEPRENEUR VLOG 001💥 In this episode, we talk about my life since #EUROKIZTRIP2017. Upcoming workshops! Podcast 46! Special Announcement! 3rd Annual Neo Kizomba Festival update and more!! #neokiz

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7 Leading Tips To Become More Musical On The Kizomba Dance Floor

  • a couple of years ago /

1. Listen to Kizomba music OFF the dance floor.  In the car, while you are working, in the shower, this will increase mind’s library of kizomba songs, the more songs you know the easier it will be

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The Neo Kizomba Manifesto: The Story Behind The 3 Things Neo Kizomba Represents…

  • 3 years ago /

  Q: What is Neo Kizomba?   A: In a nutshell, it’s a teaching method, an umbrella term for new genres of kizomba music, and a way of categorizing the newer dance styles emerging as a result

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