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050: #NEOKIZFEST2017 Recap

In this episode, I recap the success and lessons learned from the amazing 3rd Annual Neo Kizomba Festival, which has been the largest urban kizomba focused kizomba only festival in North America to date! Intro

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049: The Twin Curses of Greatness & Incompetence

In this episode, my special guest Laura Riva returns, and we discuss the super powers of advanced dancers and how they can use their powers for others, for themselves, or not use them at all. Intro

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043: When Should Dancers Transition Into Becoming Teachers?

In this episode, my special guest Rachel Cassandra and I talk about multiple motives for dancers to being to start teaching. Intro Song: Você Nao Me Gogodo – Fast Head feat. P. Sweezy Key

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40: How Dance Challenges Our Ideas Of Male Platonic Touch In Our Society?

In this episode, my special guest, Emily Bartholomew and I discuss the pressures males faces when it comes to touching other people in our society. Intro Song: Down For You – Alina Baraz Key

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039: The Connection Trifecta

   In this episode, I discuss and share insights along the three points of the Connection Trifecta, connecting with yourself, your partner and the music.  Intro Song:  Indi Kiz Instrumental –

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035: How to Dig Deeper Into Self-Awareness In Your Dancing

  In this episode, I start the conversation on self-awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence in dance. I share some personal stories of emotional growth as a pose several questions for you

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