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038: Interview with Audi MPK

   In this episode, my special guest Audi MPK and I talk about his dance journey into kizomba, the meaning of MPK, musicality in kizomba, and his recent move to Dallas, TX! Intro Song:  Vitamina

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037: Olympiads of Kizomba North American Goes Live

  In this episode, my special guest Laurent Yishu, go into details about the Olympiads of Kizomba North America competition going live! We talk about the why, the how, the who, and what to expect for

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028: How To Keep Up Your Learning In Dance

In this episode, my special guest, Rachel Cassandra talk about various learning avenues in detail to help you keep up your learning in dance to continue to grow in the dance that you love! Intro Song: SSB

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027: Kizomba And The 5 Love Languages

In this episode, my special guest, Emily Bartholomew and myself delve into how the 5 love languages correlate with our love for kizomba. We also reveal the results of the survey I did among kizomba lovers

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026: Is North America Ready To Compete Internationally?

In this episode, my special guest, Laurent Yishu, and I discuss the feedback we received from the initial video about the possibility of the Olympiads competition in North America, Laurent’s vision

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