Charismatic, detail-oriented and fluid are a few words I would use to describe Charles Ogar. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of taking a Neo Kizomba workshop and private lesson taught by him. Charles has created an incremental approach to teaching Kizomba that facilitates an easy learning process. His focus on connection through movement, musicality and repetition,as well as his obvious passion for dance, are key to his success. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from this talented teacher & dancer."

Michelle Saxer
Denver, CO

I met Charles by chance at a weekly Salsa social on the Thursday night before the Neo Kizomba weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. He led me through my first Kizomba dance ever that night and from that moment, I was hooked! I came to the NeoKiz workshops organized by Kizomba RDU for the entire weekend. Saturday’s workshops gave me both a solid foundation in the basics necessary to truly begin dancing and enjoying Kizomba, and a rich ethno musicological background to understand the essence and origins of the dance. Sunday’s workshops with Charles were a delightful challenge while learning syncopated variations of basic steps, saidas, and pushes. After just one weekend of workshops, I’ve fallen in love with Kizomba and feel confident joining any Kizomba social. Aside from being a beautifully musical dancer, Charles is a patient and intuitive instructor. Thank you for an amazing weekend!"

Sasha Drebitko
Raleigh, NC

Despite my proficiency in following salsa and bachata, when I ventured in to the world of kizomba on a whim I found it incredibly difficult. Being the self-competitive dancer I am, with 9 years of breaking, hip hop, and 4 years of salsa and bachata under my belt I was determined to break this barrier down. After only one group class with Charles I realized that this instructor was different. He commanded not only a thorough and advanced understanding of kizomba as a dancer but, more importantly, the ability to teach with precision. I fully appreciate his prioritization of technique before combos, and the importance of a thorough foundation rather than premature advancement of students. Charles’ teaching technique with Neokizomba has allowed me to advance my kizomba dance ability far faster and more efficiently than local peers. I would tell everyone interested in this beautiful and intimate dance that Charles is an exceptional teacher and that their money will go further and their dance will advance light years beyond what you would expect because of the true technique you will learn."

Sarah Hemeida 
Denver, Colorado