I am looking for the right person to share in the adventure and career I have made of Kizomba. It isn’t easy, but I’m hoping to find someone crazy enough to work by my side and expand what I’ve built so far. Someone with the love and passion to find this endeavor as worthwhile and fulfilling as I do. Someone who shares a similar vision and has the motivation to set and accomplish goals in working towards that vision.

I want to build a partnership that at its core is rooted in connection, respect, compassion/empathy, mutual support, reciprocal encouragement, and an ultimate desire for growth.

For clarity and elaboration, use of the word career was very intentional. I’m in the dance scene as a entrepreneur and also an artist. Planning for income opportunities, goals, and strategies will be definitely a high priority item to ensure that we can make a decent full time living in this career path.

*Special Note!! Also, for the interested applicants, if you lack some kizomba experience but have invested in your dance career in salsa, bachata, zouk, modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, dancehall and/or tango, please feel free to still apply!

Ideally this potential dance partner:

A) is driven to grow and develop.

B) complements my personal dance style: feels music in a similar fashion, really flows with my lead, and is able to add dynamic elements that enhance our aesthetic and connection.

C) is interested in both contributing and implementing creative new marketing ideas.

D) would like to be involved in multiple aspects of my “dancepreneur” pursuits.

E) wants to add value to and improve upon the kizomba scene.

F) is skillful in open and effective communication.

G) desires a partnership that pushes both of our boundaries- one that allows us both to constantly evolve in dance through means of heightened self-awareness, accountability, frequent training, and regular evaluation of our journey.

H) is ready to give and receive inspiration, encouragement, and constructive feedback in the pursuit of becoming better dancers, teachers, and leaders.

If you think you have what it takes, please fill out this form with your information by clicking the button below.

Also, if you know anyone that would possibly fit the role, please forward this event/page to them. Thank you!

Mr. Neokiz

P.S. If the page here is still visible, I am still searching. =)

Endorsements from the dance community…

“I met Charles social dancing at a congress several years back. After dancing with him, I knew I wanted to have him share his knowledge with my home Kiz scene in Minnesota! He’s a phenomenal instructor, and his passion for teaching really comes through during his classes and workshops.

I love how he breaks things down in multiple ways, factoring in the fact that people have different learning styles. Charles has encouraged me and other dancers to practice consistently, which has been crucial in my growth as a dancer! He also recently inspired me to explore the music/DJ realm of Kizomba! He is committed to continuous improvement, and trying new things.

He would bring this attitude, as well as his extensive Kizomba and dance knowledge to any future partnership! I highly recommend working with and learning from Charles.”

Sam Dalton

Seattle, WA

I met Charles through a focus group for urban kiz beginners. Over the course of the 8 weeks for the group, his instruction helped me figure out what I had been struggling with for almost a year at that point. Thanks to his breakdown of concepts, I was able to gain a great foundation for urban kiz and start consistently improving. Through privates and solo dance instruction, I have become a lighter and more responsive follow, and gained an appreciation and enjoyment of creativity while dancing.

In a dance partnership, Charles would be able to put out more content such as demos and highlights of his own evolving style, as well as practice more reliably and work on areas of dance he would like to focus on. Finding a dance partner that fits with Charles will require, aside from dance connection and inspiration, someone who is prepared to dedicate serious effort and time to the partnership. Since he is driven and thrives off of pursuing continuous improvement, a partner would need to meet and match that level of effort. A partner would also ideally be interested in involving themselves with Charles’ other endeavors, such as events and LearntoKiz, and generally calm while these multiple areas are in ongoing development.

Sarah Linsenman

Seattle, WA

What is your relationship to Charles?

Charles and I met in 2015 for the very first edition of NeoKiz Festival. We didn’t need more than a weekend to connect our mind on multiple points: dancing, life experience and entrepreneurship.

What are some of his strengths?

He is really passionate and committed into the projects he runs.

How has he affected your dance journey?

Charles has taken an important role in my journey, in my dance career he has been the one introducing me to the North American Kiz Community and he pushed me years after years. In the organization part, he is the one that made possible the North American Olympiads Of Kizomba that made this project international for real. On top of that, he has entered the very close circle called: my friends.

What do you feel he would accomplish in his dance career with the right partner?

I truly believe that Charles can level up the UrbanKiz Precision and Musicality through his dancing and teaching qualities, his future partner should be a precise follow in my opinion.

What kind of dancer/person do you feel will complement and work with Charles the best?

I think his partner should absolutely understand what is to be an artist, which represents a lot of work and training. She should be creative enough to be original on the dancefloor.


Laurent Yishu

Paris, France

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