I heard this so many times that I have decided to write about it. I talked to so many people that really love to dance but feel just because they aren’t the best dancer on the floor, they don’t get to have fun or that they aren’t allowed to “shine”. I see them hold themselves back out of fear of being criticized. On the social dance floor we are not performing, we are not competing, we are spending 4 -5 minutes of our lives with someone and a song that we will never get back again, make the most of it! I hate seeing people dancing and not smiling, watching everyone to see who’s watching them and NOT enjoying themselves, let’s not forget what we are doing and why! The whole point of dance is expression of SELF, YES! That means you!

We DO NOT dance to feel self-conscious, belittled, boxed in, not good enough, etc. We dance to feel happy, to feel free, and confident in our ability, whatever our skill level may be. I recently saw a quote on FaceBook that said, “Dancing is cheaper than therapy.” This is sooo true, we dance to feel good about ourselves and we then share that happiness with whoever we are dancing with. We see the quote all the time, “Dance as if no one is watching…” Why does this quote even exist?

Because of the fear of criticism, this fear doesn’t only exist on the dance floor, it’s a fear I’m sure we are all aware. I feel that if it is hard for you ignore this particular fear in your everyday life, you should strive to ban this fear if not anywhere else, from the dance floor!! On the dance floor, you should accept yourself, accept the music, let it flow through you. Loosen up and have fun! Technique, posture, patterns, and all of those skills are definitely important to improve and grow as a dancer… BUT! The skill isn’t the driving force of why we dance, it is how and what we feel when we dance that drives us to continue to dance, continue to learn, continue to be ourselves…

For me, dancing has given me self-confidence, it has shown me to accept myself and not be afraid to let my light shine. So with this message, my goal is instill a voice inside you that will remind you to light your own light shine on the dance floor, that means smiling, laughing, loosening up, connecting to the music, and NOT watching to see who’s watching you, ignoring the person you are dancing with, only dancing to the counts, boxing yourself into pattern, and NOT giving in to the fear of criticism.

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