I am looking for the right person to share in the adventure and career I have made of Kizomba. It isn’t easy, but I’m hoping to find someone crazy enough to work by my side and expand what I’ve built so far. Someone with the love and passion to find this endeavor as worthwhile and fulfilling as I do. Someone who shares a similar vision and has the motivation to set and accomplish goals in working towards that vision.

I want to build a partnership that at its core is rooted in connection, respect, compassion/empathy, mutual support, reciprocal encouragement, and an ultimate desire for growth.

Ideally this potential dance partner:

A) is driven to grow and develop

B) compliments my personal dance style: feels music in a similar fashion, really flows with my lead, and is able to add dynamic elements that enhance our aesthetic and connection.

-is interested in both contributing and implementing creative new marketing ideas.

-would like to be involved in multiple aspects of my “danceprenuer” pursuits.

C) wants to add value to and improve upon the kizomba scene.

D) is skillful in open and effective communication

E) desires a partnership that pushes both of our boundaries- one that allows us both to constantly evolve in dance through means of heightened self-awareness, accountability, frequent training, and regular evaluation of our journey.

F) is ready to give and receive inspiration, encouragement, and constructive feedback in the pursuit of becoming better dancers, teachers, and leaders.

Here are 3 videos of me dancing!!!

1) With Marta Mignone: https://www.facebook.com/ogarocious/videos/10155000166319983/

2) With Sara Panero: https://www.facebook.com/ogarocious/videos/10155138726019983/

3) With Marietta Villalobos: https://www.facebook.com/ogarocious/videos/10154915123084983/

If you think you have what it takes, please fill out this form with your information https://goo.gl/forms/nJ3D7xyxT1dNVkph1.

*Special Note!! Also, for the interested applicants, if you lack some kizomba experience but have invested in your dance career is salsa, bachata, zouk, modern, jazz, ballet, hip hop, dancehall and/or tango, please feel free to still apply!

There will be several steps and this is the first!

Also, if you know anyone that would possibly fit the role, please forward this event to them. Thank you!

Mr. Neokiz

P.S. The date of the event is just a placeholder in the future. If the event is still visible, I am still searching. =)

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