Love Languages Project for Kizomba Lovers!

Hello!! If you are here because you love kizomba, please stay to read the full description of this event to take part in this project of mine!  

If you already know what the project is about, take the test for find out your 5 love languages at  

I've been dancing kizomba for almost 4 years, and it has literally changed my life forever. I have been very fortunate to spread and inspire people through kizomba, but this project isn't about me, it's about YOU!  I have talked to many people about the reason why they love kizomba, and kizomba is getting more and more popular everyday across the world! I took the test about the 5 love languages and I scored high in Physical Touch, and Words of Affirmation, and it struck me that kizomba allows me to connect with other to fill my strongest love tank of physical touch. So I started to ask more and more friends I know who were in love with kizomba about their love languages, and so far my theory is holding true.  

MY THEORY: That a high majority of people who have fallen in love with kizomba will have physical touch and/or quality time as their top two strongest love languages!  

Why is this awesome and important?  

I feel this is awesome because it sheds a light on how you like to give or receive love, this is super important for you to know and for people close to you to know to enhance your relationships and make them more fulfilling! (This can be applied to all relationships from family, to work, to romance, to friendships).  

I believe this self-awareness will also enhance your dance experiences on the dance floor!  

Ok Charles, this sounds awesome! How do I participate!?!  

There are three parts to this:  

1) Take the 5 love languages quiz at and get your scores.  


2) Take the survey to submit your love language scores.


3) Share this project with all of your kizomba lover friends! I have a starting goal for 200 kizombeiros be a part of this project!

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