Olympiads Of Kizomba – North America

What is the Olympiads of Kizomba?

The Olympiads of Kizomba is an international kizomba competition that is based on 100% improvisation. The competitors compete to earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal in the following 4 kizomba style categories: sensual, urban, authentic, and tarraxa.

Who is allowed to compete in the Olympiads?

The competition is open to ALL (instructors, performers, enthusiasts, students, etc.) in North America. Same gendered couples are also open to participate in the competition. The competition is open to a maximum of 15 couples.

The winning couple of the Olympiads of Kizomba North America competition will win an all expense paid trip to Paris*, France to represent North America and compete against other European couples at a shot to win the World Title of Olympiads of Kizomba Champion 2019!  The competition in Paris will take place June 7-10, 2019!

The entry fee to compete is

$200 PER COUPLE for 4 categories,

$175 PER COUPLE for 3 categories,

$150 PER COUPLE for 2 categories,

$125 PER COUPLE for 1 category. 

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in competing in Olympiads in North American and taking on the challenge to invest in your dancing.

We want be transparent about the registration process to compete.


    • The 4 categories of the competition will be sensual, urban, tarraxa, and authentic. Each couple will have to choice to decide to compete in 1 – 4 categories.

    • There will medals given to the top 3 finalists of each category.

    • If you want to compete in Paris, it is in your best interest to compete in all 4 categories to be able to gain the most points by winning the most medals in each category.


    • This year we are ONLY able to cover all expenses paid trip to Europe to compete for the winning couple IF we have at least 10 couples.

      • If we do not reach 10 couples we give all of the competitor funds to the winning couples towards their travel expenses to compete in Paris.


    • This years’ final stage of the competition will consist of battles. More information will be released about the process of the final stage.

Who will be on the panel of judges?

Our judges panel for the 2nd Olympiads of Kizomba North American competition will include:

Laurent Yishu – Paris, France

*More to be announce soon!

What will the judges be looking for? What is the overall process of the competition?

Big change for the overall Olympiads competition!

Watch this video to see how it affects the North American competitors!

How can I be a part of the event if I don’t wish to compete?

It is not mandatory to compete in the competition to be a part of the Olympiads weekend. The weekend will consist of:

  • Three (3) 100% kizomba only socials Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night!!! Confirmed DJs so far are DJ Ogarocious (Charles Ogar) & DJ Low (Laurent Yishu)!! There will also be taxi dancers at each of the social to ensure everyone is dancing!
  • An intensive workshop for all 4 styles of kizomba (sensual, tarraxa, urban, and authentic) taught by the Champions of the 2nd Olympiads of Kizomba in Paris, JP & Stephy!!!
  • Laurent Yishu and Mr. Neokiz will also be teaching workshops!!!
  • And the opportunity to witness the historical event of the 2nd Olympiads of Kizomba competition EVER in North America!!

Travel Info!

The best airport to fly into is McCarran International Airport.Airport code is LAS.

We have Uber & Lyft to get around town.

The competition, workshops, and Friday & Saturday, & Sunday socials will be happening atRhythms Event Center4545 West SaharaLas Vegas, Nevada 89120

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