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065: Interview with Julz Tremblay

065: Interview with Julz Tremblay

In this episode, my featured guest Julz Tremblay, joins me to discuss her kizomba journey, story behind Amantes do Semba, ginga, her upcoming projects, and more! ...

064: Official #NEOKIZFEST2019 Recap Post

064: Official #NEOKIZFEST2019 Recap Post

In this episode, my special guest Sarah Linsenman, joins me to discuss the highlights and to give thanks to the many people who made this year's festival a great success! ...

063: What is Brazilian Zouk? with Laura Riva

063: What is Brazilian Zouk? with Laura Riva

In this episode, my returning guest Laura Riva, joins me to help breakdown an intro of Brazilian zouk, lambada, Brazilian zouk timing, Brazilian zouk styles, history, Caribbean zouk, jack & jills, and more! [spp-player...