In this episode, my special guest Adam Taub, talk about the history of bachata from merengue, influences of Haiti & Kompa, the African influences and more!

    • Intro Song:
      • Vocales de Amor by Joan Soriano
  • 3 Key Points:
    • With great power comes great responsibility and knowledge is power.
    • The history of music and dance has so many overlapping and varying degrees of influence on one another.
    • No one person has all the pieces of the puzzle, one can only research and give an opinion based on what he knows or has be told.
  • Resources Mentioned:
      • El Duque de Bachata – Documentary by Adam Taub
      • Afro-Dominican Dance/Music – Palos
      • Ramon Cordero – Influential Dominican Singer
      • Map of Dominican Republic & Haiti
      • Felix Cumbe – Haitan Bachata Singer
      • Levels of Culture
      • Adam Taub on FacebookYouTube

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