In this episode, my special guest, Anais Millon talk about her history of dance, her introduction to kizomba, the inequality of male and female instructors, and more! 

    • Intro Song:
      • Ha Quem Quera Remix by Anselmo Ralph
  • Key Points:
    • Dance is a journey of self-discovery and personal development.
    • The equality of the male and female instructors in dance world is continuing to balance itself out more and more.
    • Practicing to have good technique is important to grow the dance!
    • Links Mentioned:
        • [VIDEO] The Video That Went Viral for Anais & Morenasso
        • [VIDEO] Anais & Morenasso dancing
        • [VIDEO] Anais & Morenasso in Badoxa Me Toca Music Video
        • [VIDEO] Anais & Morenasso Dancing Semba
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